Recruiter, Venture Capital and Private Equity Distributions and Recommendations

Recruiter and VC / PE Distributions

Establishing relationships with recruiters and venture capital / private equity firms is a valuable marketing tool. Recruiters are not hired to work with you but are extremely valuable because they are constantly working to fill a client’s job and you may be a perfect fit. The distribution may tickle them when they see a resume that merges with their client’s needs.

Could you effectively seek out and connect with executive recruiters? Recruiters can be a valuable asset to your career campaign. Leading Edge Resumes can send your professional resume and cover letter to a targeted and select group of recruiting firms based on your industry, job focus and salary range. Firms include Egon Zehnder International, Inc., Heindrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds, Korn Ferry International and more. Distributions can significantly increase interview opportunities.  We re-send the distribution six weeks later at no additional charge.

The database of more than 21,000 recruiting firms is updated daily. Again, each campaign is customized to fit your career focus, targeted industry, and salary range. Once the distribution is completed, you receive a detailed list containing the recruiters’ names and contact information.

CEO, COO, VP, Director or other C-level candidate? You can become a Venture Capital or Private Equity firm’s dream candidate. We select the right matches out of a database containing more than 10,000 firms.

Recruiter & VC / PE Distribution Testimonials

Deb, your work is amazing.  I’m so glad I opted to have you distribute my resume to both the recruiters and VC/PE list of contacts you have.  It worked !!  I am so thankful for your services.  Cory Romstadt, Detroit, Michigan – January 2023
Ms. James – finding you on LinkedIn has turned into a gold mine for me. I not only secured a  job, but it was exactly located where I wanted to be and the pay was 32% more than I was actually seeking. WOW.  Your services on top-notch.  Miraha Campbell, Pineville, Louisiana – February 2023.
Deborah, you have truly been a great person to work with while writing my resume. You were kind, understanding and a great listener. I was impressed at the short time it took to turn my resume around – it was spot on. I would highly recommend you as a resume writer. You not only did a great job in writing my resume but you were also a great person to talk to. – Amanda Duly, Columbus, Ohio – March 2022
Deborah, I am bowing down to you.  Thank you from the bottom of my  heart for creating a resume that sizzles like you said it would.  I’ve been interviewing and negotiating compensation packages on a few opportunities.  Today I nailed the job of my dream.  The new resume, cover and distribution worked like magic.  Thank you again. Expect many referrals !!  Cheers, John Roberts, Lancaster, PA – February 2022.
I am thrilled that my colleague referred me to your services, which are top-notch.  I was amazed at what you crafted for me – new resume and cover letter along with a LinkedIn page.   I’m excited to launch my career search now that I’m equipped with the right tools.  Thanks, Deborah James.  Virginia Polaris, Seattle, WA – January 2022
Hi Deb,  I wanted to give you an update on my job search. So earlier this month I received a job offer from Lidl North America which I accepted and will start on 10/21/19. The compensation offered by both is in line with what I’m looking for and I’m really pleased, grateful and excited with the opportunity. I wanted to say thank YOU for all your help and for creating such an amazing resume and distributing it to the recruiter base we came up with.  It definitely made a world of
difference. Adriana, New Jersey – September 24, 2019
Right on, Deborah.  I had interviews lined up the day you sent out my resume to the recruiters. Thanks so much, Lynn, Alexandria, LA – August 18, 2019
Thank you just isn’t enough, Deborah.  My wife and I will be traveling through Ohio next month and we want to meet you and your husband and take you to dinner.  I hear that Toledo has amazing restaurants and a museum that we both want to see.  You are the guru you said you were.  Looking forward to celebrating with you.  Thanks again. Thomas and Jane Lucas, December 2019
I’m doing my happy dance with a new job, Deb.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me. You not only lifted my confidence level but you also put me in touch with the right recruiters.  KUDOS to you. Lisa, New York, NY, June 2019
Well, 2020 started off on a bad foot but you said to have confidence in your services.  BINGO – I landed a job in June of 2020.  Thanks so much Deb.  I certainly appreciate your ability to show off my career Oscars as you call them.  Cheers, William DeSanto, June 2020

You were right, Deborah.  You told me not to worry and get that resume posted to LinkedIn which I did.  I later decided to be pro-active and use your recruiter distribution service to uncover hidden gems.  It worked !!  Both techniques landed me job interviews and I’m happy to say that in November 2020 I started my new job.  I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for your advice and your expertise.  Lynn Lawrence, November 2020

WOW, you said it would connect me and I can’t believe how fast I had recruiters calling. Thank you, Deborah James.  You are the BEST !!  R. Emerson, Cleveland, Ohio November 2014

Deb, I can’t thank you enough. The recruiter and VC / PE distribution landed me 13 interviews and actually played a pivotal role in securing the job that I will begin on February 1, 2015. You were right when you said not to worry about the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They had to fill the position and it didn’t matter that it was the holiday season – just like you promised. AND, I’ll be making 32% more than at my previous job. Thanks again, Deborah. Duke Hudson; New York, New York, December 1, 2014

Absolutely AMAZING. I had VC firms calling all day to discuss my C-level expertise. I feel good about my interviews and confident that I will land a job soon. Emily Richards, December 2, 2017

Finally, I have interviews for jobs that I am extremely interested in. The distribution was still going out while I was getting calls. AMAZING results. Jeff Pierce; Toledo, Ohio – July 2018

After years of floundering with a resume that was sub-par, I enlisted Deborah James to write my resume and distribute it to retained, contingency and major recruiting firms. My new resume immediately landed me interviews for six-figure positions. As an excellent salesman, I was utterly pitiful when it came to selling myself. You just can’t see what you can’t see. I can honestly say that Deb’s resume writing services and distributions get results. I urge you to hire Deb for her resume writing and career services, particularly if you are looking for a new and exciting job. M. Weinstein; Farmington Hills, Michigan – January 2018

WOW, calls in a matter of hours. Honestly Deb, I’m so glad I contracted for your deluxe package. The distribution and LinkedIn profile were key to landing my new job. It was the best investment I have ever made. M. Ramsocky; Columbus, Ohio – November 2016

You were right Deb! The recruiter and VC / PE distribution turned out to be a fantastic way to launch my career campaign. As you know2016 was a tough time for my family. Once you launched the distribution I received calls and booked three interviews scheduled for the first week in February. What can I say — you were simply the BEST CHOICE to work with!!  D. McGuire; Novi, Michigan – January 2016

Thanks for sending my resume off to specialty recruiters in the manufacturing industry. I was surprised that there were so many openings. Looks like I’m headed back to work sooner than expected. Thanks for all of your help and the confidence you instilled in me. Jose Lopez; Austin, Texas – November 2016

I received 81 emails and several phone calls in less than 24 hours as a result of my recruiter distribution. G. Martin; New Jersey – July 2014

AWESOME JOB, Deb.  I can’t believe the responses and phone calls I have scheduled between the distribution and LinkedIn.  It’s amazing what a difference your professionalism did to help me in my career search.  Thanks so much for your work.  Leonard Tripp, Detroit, Michigan – January 2018

Deb, what an awesome response. The VC / PE distribution opened up doors that I could never break down. Thanks to you, I can get back to work. Gordon Gary; Rochester Hills, Michigan – September 2016

I wanted to thank you for your writing expertise that crystallized my abilities and helped me present a more powerful description of what I could do for a new employer. Based on my new resume and discussions with my new employer, I was offered a General Manager’s position. The lead came through your recruiter distribution service. Your resume writing services are outstanding. Recruiters and hiring managers particularly loved my Critical Leadership Section that you call Home Run Hits. Thanks again. Bethany Shimmel; Minneapolis, Minnesota – October 2016

Deb, you are an awesome resume writer. My new resume, cover letter, and the recruiter distribution produced immediate results. I could never have connected with the 1200+ recruiters that received my resume. The recruiters were very impressed. Thanks again. John Griffith; Richmond, Virginia – June 2017

Call today and let me run preliminary numbers at no charge – 419.666.4518.

Best wishes,
Deborah James, Chief Career Officer, CCMC, CPRW
Owner / Operator / Executive Resume Guru
Six-figure Career Strategist and Executive Resume Writer
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